My skincare routine during winter time differs compared to other seasons. I have a very sensitive/problematic skin and always struggle with dry air and heating systems. That definitely does not make life easier nor prettier this time of the year.

The challenge is clear. How to find a perfect skincare routine for my type of skin?
Here some tips and recommendations based on my personal experience (super dry or sensitive skin):

1. Daily and weekly skincare routine

Since I started being more conscious about my skin and daily cosmetics (especially ingredients!) I recognized that my skin works perfectly with a regular gentle twice a day cleansing – toning – moisturizing routine. In addition I make twice a week a nourishing sheet mask and once a week exfoliation or a gentle peeling. I use only organic plant-based cleansing – toning set from Shamanuti (check here and here).

2. Monthly skincare routine

Twice a month I do a cleansing clay mask, followed by an extra nourishing mask (I love this pumpkin one filled with tones of nutritious ingredients!).

If you look at my personal skincare routine it might not seem enough cleansing for some ladies, I know. Well, I tried doing exfoliation every week but for my skin that is apparently too little time for regeneration and rebuilding of a protective layer to keep itself naturally hydrated.

3. Drink enough

I was never used to drinking water during the day. To be honest, coffee and tea always worked for me – water, only during summer and after workouts 😉

Now I try to keep more balance. Which means not only drink coffee and tea (that wash out some important micro elements from my body) during my day but mix it with fresh juices, water or warm lemon water in the morning (and I really see my skin glowing lately! yay). Haven’t heard of this easy jazzy miracle yet? Read more and get convinced here.

4. Eat clean and fresh

Next thing. Healthy omega-3 fatty acids are a must during winter! Eggs, avocados, green veggies, fish – they all play the major role in my daily menu these days. The fatty acids keep the skin moisturized and healthy from the inside by building a natural oil barrier. Aaa!

I try not to forget about fruits loaded with vitamin C to help the skin glow!

Btw a glass of freshly squeezed juice in the morning is so refreshing. Love this vit C kick <3

5. Sheet mask ritual

Winter, darkness, no sun and low temperature. My recent ‘hobby’ is to place a sheet mask on my face (my favorite ones I have selected to my shop already, check them all here – for this season I truly recommend the masks soaked with avocado and propolis serum), play my favorite music (must be loud, so that you don’t hear your thoughts any more), lay down on my comfortable armchair with legs up and just have a spa relaxation moment at home.

I adore sheet masks so much because they are super easy to use and leave my dry sensitive skin perfectly moisturized, soft and with an extra layer of serum (I always go to sleep with the remaining of sheet mask on my face – working miracle!)

6. Extra layer of SPF

I do keep my moisturizing, hydrating creme and a SPF in my bag during the day to give my skin an extra layer when necessary. I like a thick SPF for windy cold days, especially during my cycling to the office in the morning. Additionally, I think I am going to try some moisturizing mists for the face soon which might be even easier to apply 😉

7. Make friends with body oils

Two, three times a week I apply argan oil on my face and a mix of argan and perilla oils on my body. They leave a soft touch on my skin.

8. Enough sleep

And I also discovered that I ultimately need 7,5h of sleep – for my brain to work and for my skin to glow.

9. Air humidifier

Last thing – I am in process of buying a humidifier for my bedroom. My choice for now is Stadler Form. Since some time now, I have been a big fan of their smart technology. Do you have any nice suggestions regarding air purifier/humidifier?

These are some of my tips – recommendations for super dry skin owners. I would love to hear about your tips or challenges of your daily skincare routine during winter time. Also, to include some extra points in my regimen. Share them with us here or on Facebook!

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