Logo Holistic Silk

I created Holistic Silk as an antidote to the fast pace and stress of daily life. Beautiful products, made with love, that inspire harmony, balance and a little inner peace.

Joanna Weakley – Founder of Holistic Silk

For the last 15 years, Holistic Silk beauty products have been seen in the major lifestyle magazine, such as VOGUE, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure. Beloved by celebrities and everyone who believes in magical results of good sleep on your well-being, overall health and mood. Eye masks manufactured using highest quality silk and velvet, filled with lavender, soothe your nerves and ease falling asleep process. From now on, turn your afternoon nap into a real beauty moment and pamper your skin with highest quality fabrics.

We hope you love every piece of luxury that Holistic Silk has to offer to make your every night a good start of your day.