Welcome to the world of Shamanuti….

..where plant-based ingredients a play major role in the skincare treatment. Our skin absorbs everything we treat it with, whether this is harmful or helpful. If you are dreaming of a bright, shiny, flawless skin, we recommend you try Shamanuti’s nature-based products, rich in the super hero mix of ingredients, like: active charcoal, aloe, chamomile, rosemary, sea weed, pumpkin, cayenne.

Shamanuti’s cosmetics have gained recognition in the US, have been presented and recommended in major lifestyle and beauty magazines and online blogs. The products are dedicated for women and men, because all of us dream of perfect representative skin.

Let it glow people! <3

As a nature enthusiast and devout lover of art, the simple question of which beauty products I liked sparked a fascinating investigation into the American skin care experience and aesthetic identity. The momentum of that passing inquiry created Shamanuti.

Beth Hopkins, Founder of Shamanuti