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Effortless skincare for contemporary woman

Flawless beauty starts with perfect skin, rather than perfect make-up

This belief comes from the roots of The Skin Lounge, a cult new Korean brand which has mastered the sheet mask concept, offering four different formulations in super-convenient, individually-packed sachets that can be taken and used anywhere. Application could not be easier – apply to a well-cleansed face and relax. Once you feel suitably indulged, simply massage in any residing serum. At home, in the car or on the plane, give yourself 15 minutes of pleasant beauty care and relax.

THE SKIN LOUNGE specializes in well-crafted facial masks that reinvent the contemporary skin care routine.

The masks combine a base of rayon-cellulose or hydrogel with a serum enriched with vitamins and active nutrients, creating a second-skin layer that perfectly fits the face contour.

The result is a repairing and nourishing facial treatment that enhances natural hydration, reduces fine lines and restores radiance, rejuvenating the skin and removing all signs of stress and fatigue.

The most convenient and efficient way to intensely moisturize and even out the skin tone with no need to rinse off.


  • More efficient absorption of all serum’s active nutrients thanks to the impregnated cloth
  • Intensive facial treatment easy to take and use anywhere and anytime
  • Convenient single-pad format, which replaces auxiliary tools and multiple products
  • Different masks allow to easily change the skin care treatment depending on the changing needs of the skin