Dreaming of flawless, nourished and perfectly balanced skin?

We are happy to present you Shamanuti and its life-changing organic products. As you probably heard, thorough cleanisng and toning is the core of healthy look of your skin. Active ingredients contained in Shamanuti cosmetics have been selected deliberately to help your sensitive and troubled skin get back in shape. You will find anti-oxidants (Vitamin E, Pumpkin, North Atlantic Kelp, Cranberry, Bilberry), anti-inflammatories (Dead Sea Salt, Tea Tree, Lavender, Provitamin B5, Chamomile), detoxifiers (activated Charcoal), anti-fungals (Rosemary, Roman Chamomile) among others. Shamanuti offers organic skin care cosmetics and has gained recognition in the US. Now, it’s time for you to love it, too!

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